Special Purpose Audits and Reviews

The Nottingham Group utilizes its accounting, financial and economic expertise to perform a wide variety of special purpose reviews and audits for third party entities a variety of circumstances. In this capacity, The Nottingham Group has been engaged by publicly traded and
private companies, not for profit organizations, governmental entities and other groups to perform a variety of situational and special purpose analyses, assessments and reviews. Our team of seasoned professionals are adept at gathering data, and compiling, analyzing,
interpreting, summarizing a variety of accounting and financial information targeted at deriving conclusions in specific areas and circumstances. Nottingham Group professionals have been engaged to perform studies and develop conclusions in the following areas:

 Conducting due diligence reviews related to the purchase sale of a company.
 Assisting governmental entities with sensitivity analysis, cost/benefit analysis and assessment of privatization initiatives.
 Performing compliance studies and investigations.
 Conducting operational audits.
 Assessing internal controls and fraud risk.
 Performing revenue analysis and cost assessments.
 Performing organizational analysis and fraud risk assessments.
 Enhancement of fraud controls.
 Developing and monitoring corporate compliance programs.

Our significant accounting and financial expertise and training has led to studies and conclusions which have resulted in direct savings to our clients and/or third parties. Our special purpose reviews and audits have enabled clients to realize numerous direct and indirect benefits through improved efficiencies, providing relevant information for making sound business decisions and the implementation of cost saving strategies, controls and fraud prevention measures which
directly impact the bottom line.